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Practice Made Perfect

Scheduling, workflow and communications software for veterinary practices

Unlock your practice's potential

Transform your team’s efficiency, workflow and performance

Plexi’s intuitive, easy to learn, add-on software is designed by vets specifically for veterinary practices. It gives your team the tools they need to deliver the highest levels of patient care, while effortlessly enhancing your practice’s efficiency, scheduling, workflow, billing and profitability.

Optimise your patient care and outcomes

Improve efficiency and accuracy

Enhance your team’s satisfaction and well-being

Capture potentially missed charges

Increase profitability by up to 20%

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Improve your patient outcomes

Putting patient care first

Plexi centralises patient care information, and its traffic light and reminders systems let your entire team see exactly what they need to do for each patient and at what time, wherever they are in the practice.

Plexi enables your team to give your patients and their owners the best care possible.


Improve workflow, scheduling and communication

Plexi lets you take back control of your workflow and internal communications. You can plan and action treatments, monitor kennel occupancy, schedule procedures and imaging, send internal group messages, plan shifts and organise training.

Achieving better patient outcomes with Plexi leads to happier clients and happier staff.

Access anywhere

Collaborative teamwork made easy

Plexi gets rid of whiteboards and helps you go paperless, allowing all members of staff to share and edit day-to-day information from any location, either within the practice or remotely. Checking on a patient’s progress when a client calls in, or spotting upcoming and overdue treatments has never been easier or more rewarding.

Financial Overview

Boost your business performance

Using Plexi improves patient throughput, efficiency and billing accuracy, decreasing costs, increasing revenue and boosting profitability. It also improves patient care and reduces the chances of potentially costly and distressing errors.

Increase billing accuracy - avoid missed charges

Increase revenue

Reduce cost

Boost profitability by up to 20%

Business Benefits

Real-time statistical data performance analysis

Plexi’s Stats Module gives managers access to a wealth of up-to-the-minute information about the performance of your practice and its different areas of workflow, putting you back in control of your business and allowing you to make better-informed management decisions.

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Value for money

Plexi’s scalable, affordable pricing, combined with its benefits for your patients, staff and profitability, make choosing Plexi a ‘no-brainer’. Plexi is one piece of software your practice cannot afford to be without!


Plexi's software and business culture has security and privacy as a key focus. All data is securely handled, and Plexi's permanently retained patient record provides a tamper-proof audit trail of all user actions. Plexi is Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Tablet compatible

Plexi has been expertly designed from the start to be user-friendly, scalable and responsive, right down to iPad/tablet size. With a ruggedised case you can take a tablet into a walk-in kennel, keep track of every inpatient, add and mark off treatments and record patient observations.

Easy to use

We work with you to ensure that Plexi is configured from day one to suit your practice’s ways of working. The app is easy to use, with minimal training required to get you up and running. Plexi is cloud-based and can be securely accessed anywhere, either within the practice or remotely.

Plan ahead

Patients can be booked for today or any date in the future, and your team can schedule tomorrow's (or any day's) procedures and tasks for existing or future patient visits. Planning can be done when things are less busy, spreading the workload and improving efficiency.

Fit for purpose

Plexi brings big benefits to veterinary practices of any size. It is perfect for first-opinion clinics, referral centres and multi-site group practices. Clinical departments? No problem! Plexi is designed to suit the way you work.

Patient care
Business benefits
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