Steph Barr
October 2nd, 2022
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What is Plexi’s veterinary workflow software and how can it help you in your clinic?

What is Plexi’s veterinary workflow software and how can it help you in your clinic?

Are you looking for better scheduling, visibility and communication on live activities within your veterinary practice? Perhaps you’re concerned about how much revenue your practice is missing out on through missed billing charges? Are you overwhelmed with paperwork, spending hours scanning in patient records or uploading handwritten notes? Then Plexi can help!

Plexi is an intuitive and easy-to-use scheduling, workflow and communications software. It's designed by vets, specifically for veterinary practices. We were born out of a desire to solve real-world veterinary healthcare issues that we’d experienced first-hand, and to provide straightforward solutions to the most frequent problems we have seen in practice. 

Plexi allows you to do away with paper hospital sheets and whiteboards, significantly improving your workflow processes. Procedures, tasks and activities can be scheduled at the click of a button. Plexi also captures all your patients' billable items, ensuring you never miss a charge.

Why use Plexi’s veterinary workflow software?

Veterinary practices large and small have discovered a vastly improved way of working thanks to Plexi. It doesn’t matter if you are a first opinion clinic, a multi-site practice or a referral hospital, Plexi works for everyone! Here are some of the ways adopting Plexi can transform your practice:

Boost efficiency and save time in your veterinary practice

Plexi’s intuitive workflow and scheduling tools make planning a breeze. See the availability of your procedure areas and imaging machines in one place and easily assign team members to each task. Quickly add templated patient treatment plans, wherever you are. And because Plexi works seamlessly with your PMS, there’s no double entry and no need to duplicate your notes. 

Tighten up your workflows

Plexi replaces your whiteboards and paper hospital sheets with clear, shared digital records. No more drawing up whiteboards and erasing them at the end of the day, only to do it all again the next morning. Plexi’s digital whiteboards and treatment sheets allow you to copy patient data over to the next day at the click of a button. And its anaesthetic record and inbuilt GA Sheet means you can quickly record and access any measured patient and equipment parameters, as well as premed and induction details. 

Enhance your patient care

Plexi allows you to enhance your efficiency, giving you back the time to do what you love - providing excellent patient care! Stay on top of your busy day with Plexi’s intuitive traffic lights system, which shows you what procedure or task is Due, Overdue, In Progress or Up Next for each patient. And Plexi’s inbuilt drug and fluid calculators eliminate manual medication calculations, speeding up what can be a very time-consuming process at the same time as reducing the risk of human error and accidental harm to patients.

Patient information all in one place

Plexi gives you full visibility of all of your patients’ procedures and tasks in one place. You can see the details about all your patients wherever you are. No more walking around your practice to update treatment plans or to check on a patient’s progress. Plexi’s easy-to-use interface means you can view and edit live information in real time, no matter where you are. 

Capture missed charges in your veterinary clinic

Did you know that veterinary practices commonly lose around 10% of their inpatient and work-up revenue due to missed charges? That can be £10’s or even £100’s of thousands of pounds lost, every year! With Plexi, missed charges become a thing of the past. Every billable task you plan or complete in Plexi is added to a patient’s invoicing list, considerably boosting your practice’s profitability. 

A better way of keeping legible records

Overwhelmed with paperwork? We get it. With Plexi, you will no longer have to spend hours finding, filing and scanning paperwork. Typing up written notes becomes a thing of the past. Plexi allows you to reduce any room for error by recording clear, accurate and legible digital information. It acts as a detailed clinical record and also comes with a full audit trail of every patient’s visit.

Software that works on the move

From operating theatres, to treatment rooms, to kennels; Plexi can be used on tablets, laptops, desktops and wall-mounted displays, allowing you to view and update patient information on the go, wherever you are in the clinic.

Easy to use

We know how busy life in veterinary practice can be. That’s why we built Plexi with ease of use at the forefront. It’s simple and quick to learn, and our Customer Success team is on hand every step of the way to help you get on board!

A totally cloud-based, secure software solution

Plexi is cloud-based, with no need for on-site maintenance and security management. Plexi is Cyber Essentials Plus® certified and all data is encrypted and held on secure, remote servers. You don’t even need to worry about software updates; we handle all of that. Plexi allows you to easily collaborate from anywhere, anytime - all you need is an internet connection! 

Schedule a free Plexi demo 

Plexi can transform the efficiency and revenue of your practice. Book a free demo with one of our friendly team today to see for yourself - we can’t wait to speak to you!

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