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October 26th, 2022
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Testimonial: Wolds Veterinary Clinic

Testimonial: Wolds Veterinary Clinic

From time lost chasing down paperwork to seamless handovers, better organisation and a happier team; we spoke to Veterinary Nurse, Evie, and Deputy Practice Manager, Louise, to find how life has been transformed at Wolds Veterinary Clinic (a 7 FTE, first-opinion practice) since adopting Plexi.

What was life like in the practice before Plexi, and what were the issues you were looking to solve?

Life at the practice didn’t feel very organised, with things feeling a bit ‘all over the place’. There was too much paperwork which would end up getting lost. Sheets were being placed in parts of the clinic where we couldn’t find them (even though they should of course be on the front of the kennel!) We would have to run around, gathering all the different sheets from any which direction you could think of.

Or a colleague may have taken one of the sheets to the front desk to make a phone call, so we couldn’t quickly check to see if the patient had any allergies or other information we needed to be aware of. It would just feel like nothing was in the one place, when you needed it to be. It also meant handovers at the start of shifts weren't that great, either.

Basically, we were looking to make things much more organised!

What has made you happiest since using Plexi?

Definitely the fact that we now have all our patient information and sheets in the same place! We no longer have to spend the time flitting between different kennels, or between theatre or the computers around the clinic to try and find the information we need. Everything is just right there on Plexi. Nothing is forgotten now either, because everything we need to know about the patient's visit is on Plexi, and its procedures and tasks are displayed in a timeline.

One of our favourite features in Plexi is the Ward Sheet, as it has made our job so much easier. Normally when you're writing information down, it can get really messy if you're cleaning an animal up, or taking blood. And it certainly wasn’t the nicest of things when blood would get all over the paper sheets! Having everything on a screen is just a lot easier (and cleaner!)

Plexi has also massively benefitted the reception staff, as it makes things so much more efficient when owners call. The reception team can access Plexi to view a patient's notes, or find out what point they are at in their visit, so they can update the owners immediately on the phone. It saves them a lot of time as they no longer need to move away from the front desk to find out that information.

What are some of the main reasons you would recommend Plexi?

Plexi helps the practice be so much more efficient and organised now that all the sheets and patient information is in one place. Also the way Plexi looks, visually, is really helpful. Having the different [traffic light] colours makes it easy to keep a track of patients and what stage they are at in their visit.

One of the best things we have been able to do is install a huge 70-inch screen in theatre to run Plexi on. This was a big thing for us as it displays all of our patients on there, and allows us to quickly and easily see what procedure or task it has had done, and what is coming up next. Plexi ensures nothing gets missed, which is so important!

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