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Everything in one place

We know that work will still be done outside of Plexi, but we also allow you to then reupload that into the record of your patients stay, giving you the best of both worlds.

Take photos and videos right from the app

Whether you just like taking photos of your patients or you want to record an image of a patient’s vomit, its skin lesions or take a video of its lameness, we’ve got you covered. Simply use your tablet’s camera to take a photo or record a video right inside the app.

Upload images from individual tasks

There are times when a picture or a video clip says it better than words, so Plexi lets you upload photos, videos and files into tasks themselves, improving your records and keeping things organised.

Centralised in one location

Whilst uploading images and documents onto tasks is great, you need to be able to find them easily, which is why we built out a per-patient repository for all your uploaded documents.

No more trawling through random files searching for patient photos, videos and documents