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Digital Forms for every veterinary use case

No two forms are the same, that’s why we’ve built a comprehensive, custom form builder for all the use cases your veterinary practice may require. From Consent Forms to Patient SOAPs and Discharge/Release Forms.

Unlimited flexibility

We’ve developed a form builder that allows you total flexibility when building out your custom digital veterinary forms.

Build forms for internal or owner usage

Assign fields to customers or team

Set required fields


Text fields


Consent forms

You can build out all kinds of legal consent forms to send to your clients, including:

Anaesthesia consent forms

Surgical consent forms

Euthanasia consent forms

Off licence medication consent forms

General or emergency treatment consent forms

Instructional forms & checklists

Sometimes all you need to do is build a list of things to at certain points in your patient workflow. With our digital forms feature you can do that with things like:

Discharge/release forms

Patient admission forms

Do not resuscitate (DNR) forms

Internal forms

Use the digital forms feature to recreate any existing internal forms you’re using and go paperless


Examination forms

Templates to get your started

Plexi comes with three working form templates to help get you started with building out a workflow and process that fits your veterinary practice, either a small first opinion practice or large referral centre or teaching hospital.

Customers can sign from anywhere

Using our form system will instantly allow you to begin reaching your customers for consent or to provide instructions/details, wherever they are. They can remotely fill out the customer fields, review the information your team has already filled in and sign on any connected device, including mobile.

Completely automated

All the emails that are sent out to your customers and your team are automated by Plexi so you don’t need to remember to email anyone. Just click to share with the owner and our system takes care of the rest.

PDF exports

Get your consent forms as downloadable and printable PDFs when they've been marked as completed by your customers. Both the people assigned to the case and your customers can opt to recieve a PDF copy of the forms to make keeping a record of things easy.

No more scanning of customer consent forms for your records.

Transform your team’s efficiency, workflow and performance

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Treatment Sheets

Digital vet treatment plans

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GA Sheet

Fully digital Anesthesia

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Scheduling made easy

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Standardised care

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Everything in one place

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