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Digital anesthesia monitoring

Plexi’s electronic anesthetic record and inbuilt anesthetic chart allow users to quickly record any patient measurements and equipment parameters, as well as premed and induction details, checklist items, notes on a timeline and personnel.

Monitor vital information

Record your patient’s vital signs as the procedure is ongoing. Record them either as values in a table or plot them using our clean, easy to read, user friendly chart. You can also note anesthetic drugs used and any other medications used intraoperatively, which automatically display on your patients treatment sheet - meaning your nursing staff always know exactly what a patient has been given without needing to go searching through different sheets.

Standardise your GAs

Think of our GA Sheet as a cheat sheet for your team for ordering anesthetic drugs, charting vitals and recording patient data. Easily set up your anesthesia record template for standard items your practice will monitor and use, intraoperatively and during other procedures. Your team will be able to start from a useful point every time they plan a general anesthetic.

Case-led flexibility

Each anesthesia monitoring sheet can be tailored to a patient’s requirements using GA preferences. Just set up from your default template and add any custom parameters or drugs you need and get started. You can quickly add others during the procedure and all of them remain when complete to be added to your patient's digital clinical record.

Anesthesia records stored where they’re needed, alongside all the other clinical records of a patient’s hospital visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll likely be used to using paper to monitor your patient's anesthesia. These digital anesthesia forms allow veterinary professionals to track your patient's vitals and the anesthesia drugs adminisistered throughout a procedure.

Working in medicine is extremely complex as it is, why not make your processes more streamline to reduce mental overheads and reduce stress? When you use these digital sheets, all the items you need to bill for will appear on your patient's bill automatically, so you don't need to copy items over from your paper records into your PMS.

Yes, you can easily set default items to monitor and allow your staff to get started quickly, reducing set up time for every anesthetic or sedation, every time.

Yes we do, we have all types covered from Intravenous (IV), IV bolus and IV continuous rate infusion (CRI) Calculators to Fluid Calculators for continuous, fluid bolus and single injection delivery methods to make your maintenance fluid calculations easy and we include calculators for anesthesia drugs on our anesthesia and sedation chart.

Yes, everything in Plexi remains in your database forever so you can easily access your patient files without needing to worry about bespoke cloud storage solutions and filing systems.

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