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Fully digital Anaesthesia

Plexi’s electronic anaesthetic record and inbuilt GA Sheet allow users to quickly record any measured patient and equipment parameters, as well as premed and induction details, checklist items, notes on a timeline and personnel.

Track vital information

Fully track your patient’s vital signs as the procedure is ongoing. Record them either as values in a table or plot them using our clean, easy to read, user friendly chart.

Standardise your GAs

Easily set up your standard items for the GA sheet so that your team will be able to start from a useful point every time they plan a general anaesthetic.

Case-led flexibility

Each GA sheet can be tailored to a patient’s requirements using GA preferences. Just set up the parameters you need and get started. You can quickly add others during the procedure.

Anaesthesia records stored right where they’re needed, alongside all the other clinical records of a patient’s hospital visit.