Scheduler icon

Scheduling made easy

Schedule across many different hospital or practice resources by simply dragging your unscheduled tasks onto the resource column and quickly get a full overview of all the work being done by the patient care team, any day of the week.

Plan based on availability

Seeing the availability of your team, procedure areas and imaging machines in one place just made planning a whole lot easier, and any conflicts can be readily spotted and resolved.

See your day at a glance

Get a view of what larger jobs you have for the day. And if you need help, add in other people’s columns to see if they’re free.


If a task is overrunning in a resource and you're concerned about bumping the schedule, you can simply drag the task's end time and via our automated scheduling feature, the tasks after it will be rescheduled accordingly.

No more issues with organising the day or double-booking of resources