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Track clinical and business performance

Because you plan and do your work in Plexi, we’re able to provide you with up-to-the-minute, instantly accessible data, without the need to run reports - great for analysis, planning and preparing for meetings

Flexible parameters

We understand that flexibility is important when trying to spot trends over time, which is why, whether you want to track data by week, month or year-on-year, you can do it in Plexi.

Visualise your data

We offer different visualisations of your data so you don't need to worry about trying to plot them yourself. Helping you to spot trends and increase efficiencies across your practice or group.

Spot bottlenecks

Plexi records the progress of your procedures, imaging and samples tasks and so you'll be able to spot where things are getting slowed down and investigate why that's happening.

No more time spent wondering if one month really was busier than normal.

Transform your team’s efficiency, workflow and performance

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Treatment Sheets

Digital vet treatment plans

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GA Sheet

Fully digital Anesthesia

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Scheduling made easy

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Standardised care

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Document Uploads

Everything in one place

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Whiteboard Sheets

Electronic whiteboards

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Powerful in its simplicity

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Digital forms

Fully customisable digital forms