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Standardised patient care templates

Plexi’s templating makes applying tasks for commonly seen cases faster and more accurate, whilst being flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the patient and the clinician.

Flexible contents and workflows

Patient assessments and billable items can be combined in configurable treatment templates, with options to set tasks as mandatory, default selected or optional; so your team can easily handle case variations whilst still adhering to practice-wide standards

Build your own checklists

You can set up helpful checklist templates which ensure your team have a standard to-do and action-recording list in any scenario. Reducing errors, saving time and, crucially for your patients and their owners, improving patient care.

Make life easier for your busy team

During anaesthetics, imaging and procedures, things can get pretty hectic and the recording of billable items can be overlooked. Plexi’s default Additional Products let you template what items your team might need, acting as a prompt, reducing pressure, and increasing billing accuracy.

Save your team valuable time and reduce the number of variables in high stress situations.

Transform your team’s efficiency, workflow and performance

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Treatment Sheets

Digital vet treatment plans

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GA Sheet

Fully digital Anesthesia

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Scheduling made easy

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Document Uploads

Everything in one place

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Real Time Stats

Increase business insight

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Whiteboard Sheets

Electronic whiteboards

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Powerful in its simplicity

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Digital forms

Fully customisable digital forms