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An advanced digital veterinary treatment sheet

If you've ever wished your paper or digital treatment sheets could do more, look no further. From in-depth fluid histories to bespoke handling of CRIs, boluses and drug calculators - we've got you covered.

Capture every detail

We haven’t just replicated the level of detail you can capture on your paper treatment sheets, we’ve improved on it. So not only do you get the benefit of cleaner, user friendly, easier to read sheets that don’t require questions or clarifications, but you can also be more detailed and use all the products and services you have in your PMS, all integrated seamlessly.

Effortlessly set up for tomorrow

One of the biggest lost efficiencies in veterinary hospitals of the past is having to start a fresh treatment sheet everyday. Here, not only are your treatment rows retained on tomorrow’s sheet, but at a click of a button you can also copy today’s schedule and edit it, saving time and retaining your patient care flow.

No need to start from scratch

You can set up your most used treatment rows as defaults so that each time a patient is added to Plexi, it generates a standard treatment sheet to get your team started. Used in conjunction with our other templates this is a powerful, quality-improving and time saving feature.

Automatically chart patient assessments

Plexi’s easy-to-read automated charts of patient assessments give your team a much fuller picture of each patient’s health and progress. Spend less time drawing glucose curves and more time caring for your patients.

Built in drug, fluid drip rate and CRI calculators

Reduce your workload and let Plexi do your calculations for you. Using the drug calculators for continuous rate infusion (CRI), fluid drip rates and medication dose rates increases your accuracy, saves you time and increases billing accuracy.

No more scribbling down instructions and running out of space on cramped sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might know these by other names such as 'hospitalization sheet', 'wards sheet', 'patient flow sheet' to name a few.

When you get away from paper veterinary sheets to go paperless in your practice or hospital, it comes with plenty of added benefits. When you schedule a task, they’ll show up across on your Practice Plan and Whiteboard Sheets. We also alert you to the task status by showing different colors. You can assign tasks to your team members and they can easily see their own to do lists.

Yes, you can set tasks to be any duration you like. We even allow you to view the sheet down to 5 minute intervals, which is useful in situations like administering eye drops.

No, they're not - we call our color system the 'traffic lights' system. Grey means a task is upcoming, Orange means the task is due within the next 15 minutes and Red means a task is overdue. When a task is in progress (like procedures, sedations, inductions and fluids) it’s purple and when it’s green, it’s done. All automatic and it makes it easy to get a quick overview.

Yes we do, we have all types covered from intravenous (IV), IV bolus and IV continuous rate infusion (CRI) calculators

Yes we do, we have lots of different types of fluid calculators for continuous, fluid bolus and single injection delivery methods to make your maintenance fluid calculations easy. We also have calculators for sedations and inductions on our GA sheet.

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